Learning Weekend & Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting & Learning Weekend take place February 2-4, 2018


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Annual Meeting 2018

Dear NER/CAA members living in New England,

Plans are underway to schedule the annual meeting/learning weekend Friday, Feb. 2, to Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018 at the Long Island Museum, Stony Brook, NY.  There will be a weather postponement date later in February or early March if necessary.  The Long Island Museum (Google:  longislandmuseum.org) has nearly 200 carriages and sleighs on display and was the birthplace of the Carriage Association of America in 1962.

The NER/CAA proposes to charter a tour bus from a point in central New Hampshire and proceed to Bridgeport, CT with several pick-up points along the route on Friday.  The bus will take the ferry to Port Jefferson Long Island which is about 5 miles from Stony Brook.  It will arrive at the museum mid-afternoon and an overview of the collection will be presented by the Director of Collections and Interpretation, Joshua Ruff.  Following that visit, check-in will be at Danford's Inn back in Port Jefferson.  On Saturday morning, there will be 3 speakers, lunch and an in-depth tour of the museum's carriage collection.  Dinner, the silent auction and usual evening program will be back at Danford's.  There will be a bus tour of area historic stables on Sunday morning before the return to New England.

The purpose of this early notice is important.  The bus is expensive to charter:  it is complete with restroom and comfortable seating.  The club proposes to underwrite part of the rental fee but we must have a level of commitment from travelers from New England to use the bus.  For 40 passengers at the underwritten rate, we propose to charge $75.00/person round trip which will include the ferry cost.  There will be the additional meeting cost (probably about $230.00) which will include breakfast Saturday and Sunday and lunch and dinner on Saturday.  For purposes of comparison, should you decide to carpool, the ferry fare for an auto to include the driver's fare only will be $112.00 round trip plus each additional passenger's fare of $34.00 round trip plus your gasoline for travel.  We like the bus option because we will use the bus to transport people back and forth to the museum and for the Sundaytour.

I need a commitment.  Please email me as soon as possible as I need to pursue the bus charter agencies for a contract.

  1)  Tentatively you plan to attend and the number in your party

  2)  You will plan to take the bus if it is offered


Carol van Schaik, Program Chair  
Email:  carolvanschaik@hotmail.com
Telephone: (802) 226-7364